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Once the process of preparing music for it’s distribution medium, mastering nowadays has become so much more. 

It is a creative and elementary part of music production, the final icing on the cake. Many people reduce mastering to loudness optimisation but that undervalues the process and the many aspects involved in mastering a song. 

Dynamics, frequency balance, imaging, all these are just technical words that describe the difference between a song that sounds great on all playback systems and one that doesn’t. 

The base for a great sounding master however is a great sounding mix. 

To help you achieve this mix, we offer a free mix feedback service. Send us your mix and we will analyse what can be improved and will give you the needed guidance to achieve the desired result. 

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Stereo Mastering

Stereo Mastering is the traditional approach of enhancing your stereo mix and making it ready for commercial release. Whether the format is digital distribution, CD, or vinyl.

Stem Mastering

Based on the stereo mastering, stems open up a whole realm of capabilities from surgically correction to enhancing the individual subgroups of your mix.